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Do you think these the Richest Kenyans for real??

1).Philip Ndegwa family [ICEA, AM bank, Lions of Kenya insurance,Unga group, Riverside park estate,NIC bank,Mitchell Colts, Mackenzie Kenya,East kenya bottlers,Kenya national mills, Howse N Mcgeorge)

2).Manu Chandaria :EA match co, Kaluworks and the 2billion dollaz a year mabati.

3). Simeon Nyachea ( Kabansora, Prime bank

4) Anoop Vohra(Sarova Hotels/Athi river mining co [cement N minerals] / the Avenue Park estate

5). Kentan Somaia (UTC group of hotels)

6). 'sir' Charles Njonjo: (CFC bank, CMC, an 200 hao estate in Kitasuru- lakeside I think, it's right next to Kibaki's estate, Car & General, shares in BA, Barclays Bank & Standard Bank, Brooke Bond, Alico Insurance, Ibonia farms)

7).Chris Kirubi : International Life House, capital fm, DHL Kenya, Haco ind.[think bic biro pens,Gillett razor blades etc], Nai. bldg's, Uchumi shares......

8). Chief Samuel Koriata (The largest land owner in Kenya)

09) Duncan Ndegwa [Unga group, real estate]

[10]. Stanley 'Don King' Githunguri [Lilian towers, tassia coffee estate]

11] Gethere wa Mbugwa family (property in Nai & Mombasa)

[12] Da Gama Rose [computer applications/ grand total of 20 companies]

13] Laxmanbhai Raghvani (contractor))

[14] Naushad Merali :The Sameer czar N probably the richest Kenyan. Kencell, Firestone, Sameer ind. park, Ever-ready Battaries, Equatorial finance co., First Americn bank, Sasini tea & coffee, Ryce motors, Commercial bank of Africa, Marshalls etc etc......

14] The Ramji Shah & Jadavji Rughani family of Sarit Center and text book center

[15] Wilfred Murungi (Mastermind tobacco)

16] John Michuki [Windor hotel]

[17] Mike Maina (Arch Marble N pelican paints)

18] Adbul Jaffer

[19] Mohamed Zubedi

20] Jimmah Mbaru [Jimba group of companies]

[21] SK Macharia [royal card, ribshack, citizen group, AA (kenya)]

22] Lalit Pandit [EABS with assets of 10 billion built Akiba estate
N Fedha'the little lavington',EABS towers N Westminister House in Nai.,Akiba bank 2billion in assest N Mercantile life and General Assurance co.]

[23] Nicholas Biwott ( Lima ltd, yaya centre, Kengeles, construction, property ie he built Nairobi Dam estate, HZ construction, H young)

24] Hayer Bishan singh

[25] Baba Moi & Sons (Kenya) Limited. (half of kenya!. 2 many 2 mention)

26] Tahir Said Sheik

[27] Hosea Kiplagat

28] Mulji Devaj brothers

[29] Ephraim Maina (Kirinyaga construction Ltd)

30] HJ Paunrana Family (Athi river mining company)

[31] Mohamed said Bawazir

32] Nginyo Kariuki (Nginyo towers, hotel)

[33] 'Kinuthia young-trader' [Manga hotels, Hillock inn]

34] Maganlal Chandaria [not related to Manu] : comcraft ind. and madhupaper.

[35] Jerad Kagwana [the Mall, communication centre]

36] Munish Shah [Village market/ kingsway motors/ car tires/ Charterhouse bank]

37] Karanja Kabage [insurance/ KBS]

38] Haban Singh

[39] Philip wahome [Silver Springs hotel, Green hills hotel,Dreams 90,Cafe-D-Paris N real estate, continental bank]

40] Terry Childs (Brookside schools)

[41] Micheal Somen of Hutching Biemer.

[42] Udi Gechaga [Masharik Motors]

[43] Shaukat Noorani [Glory hotels, driving sch. etc]

[44] SS Metha (Construction tycoon)

[45] Nemubhai Shah [Nakumatt supermakets]

[46] Pius Ngugi [Amazon motors'vovlo',Norwich Union bldg., Stedler Pencile Kenya, Kenya nuts company, Thika coffe mills,]

[47] Wilson kipkoti [prudencial bank, standard assurance co.,hotel Sirikwa]

48] Ruben Block (Block family)

49] Kenyatta family.... (thru ENK Holding they own brookside dairy, the 1 billion heritage hotels group, presitige air, Village market, Commercial bank of Africa, pepponi sch., second largest land owners in Kenya, buildings in Nai & Mombasa)

50] Chief Lerionka ole Ntutu (another large scale land owner)

51] David Bowen (Kenya Charity sweepstake)

52] Andrew Muthama [minerals'jemstones']

53] Mulu Mutisya family [half of Ukambani land and every thing that's sold there]

54] Matu wamae [Ngong hills hotel, sera coating, dunlop kenya, coffee plantations]

55] Basil Critico ( land scale land owner)

56} John Kariuki N his brother James Kanyotu [the ex-special branch boss] [have interest in Sarova hotels, Kuni kenya, commercial bank of africa, firestone]

57] MA Bayusuf brothers [fleet of Haulage trucks]

58] Lord Cole (Africa Air Rescue)

59] Salim Alibhai (Salodin paints, Silentnight & Kenya orchards)

60] Davidson Kuguru (Kuguru Food company)

61] Martin Dunford [carni/ Termarid group]

62] Samuel Gichuru

63] Harbinder Seti

64] D*cky Evans (Homegrown)

65] Swale Nguru (mombasa largest prime land owner and easily the most richest man in costo)

66] Chuta's behind horticulture company KHT

67] Vora family (Sarova Hotels)

68] Sunil Behal

69] Edwin Yinda [Hardrock cafes/ shipping magnet/ insurance]

70] Gideon Toroitich (Moi's Nephew Agricultural finance Corporation)

71] The Akasha family (madawa ya kulevia)

72] Humphrey Kariuki [hotel Diplomat/green corner/ property]

73] Abdul Karium Popat [Simba colt motors/ Imperial bank/ 20th. century]

74] Kibathi family (sagret hotels)

75] Kenneth Matiba ( Alliance hotels, Hillcrest schools, College house)

76] John Harun Mwau (kidogo questionable dealer N wheeler)

77] Ngenga Karume: Cianda house., tusker house, coffee plantation,real estate, cianda flowers, clayworks, Jacaranda hotels[mayfair,molo highland inn etc],united finance ltd.......

78] The Kunyiha family {Coopers Kenya Ltd.]

79) Julius Gechau (interest in DT Dobie, Hillcrest group of Schs.)

80) PK Jani ( CFC Bank & heritage insurance)

81) Joshua Kulie (moi's business manager)

90) Kimani wa mbagi (Kenyatta's business manager) -(Agip house & property)

91) The Kantari Family (Prime Bank)

92). The shah family (I&M bank)

93). GK Kirima (property, half of riva rolly)

94). Joe Wanjui ( UAP Insurance, hotels, horticulture)

95). Samuel Gichuru ( KBS, chaka place,

96). Eric Kotut (Goldenberg money)

97). Chamanlal Kamanis: (kamson body builders & anglo licensing)

98). Kamlesh Pattni: (chief architect of goldenberg, Grand regency, Safariland, duty free kenya)

99). George Saitoti: (Goldenberg money, Sulmac, Property in Kileleshwa & Nyali)

100) Mohammed Sajjad (mombasa commodity trader)

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Kenya's Top 10 Attractions

1. The Masai Mara

Wildebeest Crossing the Mara RiverGetty Images/ Tom Brakefield
If you want to see the 'big five' in one morning, Masai Mara in western Kenya is the place to be. During the dry season from July to October the wildlife spectacle is unparalleled. Nowhere else can you watch the annual migration of over a million wildebeest from a hot-air balloon. The 'Mara' is as close to "Out of Africa" as you can get.

2. Lamu

Banana House, Lamu, KenyaBanana House, Lamu, Kenya
Lamu is one of Kenya's oldest towns, settled by the Swahili about 700 years ago. More recently discovered by backpackers, Lamu is a great place to unwind and wash off the dirt and grime accumulated from some hard traveling. No matatus or mini-buses here, just donkeys and the sound of the ocean waves. You can take a Dhow and explore the islands or enjoy wandering the narrow alleys of Lamu's old town.
Where to Stay on Lamu: Shela Beach area: Lamu Retreats offer several houses for rent; the cheapest is probably the Banana House. More upscale is the Peponi Hotel.
Lamu Town Petley's Inn is the best place to stay. Cheaper options include Pole Pole Guest House and the Kipepeo Guest House.
Getting to Lamu: Fly from Nairobi.

3. Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake NakuruGetty Images
Lake Nakuru is famous for its huge flocks of flamingos that enjoy the alkaline waters of this shallow soda lake. Other than 1 million flamingos and many more species of birds, the park is also home to white rhino, warthog, giraffe, hippo, ostrich, and lion. Lake Nakuru is slowly recovering from several environmental pressures that caused its flamingo population to decline in the 1990's. Best Time To Go: Year-Round
Where to Stay: There are two main lodges and several public and private campsites in the park.
Getting There: By road from Nairobi (3-hour drive).
More about bird life in Kenya.

4. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, KenyaCC
Mount Kenya is Africa's second highest peak. While the highest peaks Batian (5200m) and Nelion (5188m) require some technical climbing, Lenana (4985m) is the peak trekkers head to. Mount Kenya's slopes are cloaked in forest and moorland which gives way to rock, ice and snow. The mountain is part of a larger reserve.
The best time to climb Mount Kenya is between January - February, and July - October. There are huts on the mountain, or you can camp. Expect to pay around $850 per person on up, depending on the route you take.

5. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National ParkGetty Images/Martin Harvey
Amboseli is a popular park with breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania). The park is centered around Observation Hill, which offers great views of the plains below. The Maasai live around the park and other than their cattle, Amboseli is home to more than 50 species of mammal and over 400 species of bird. You can see elephant, hippo, cheetah, leopard and more. Best Time To Go: June - October
Where to Stay: There are several lodges and campsites in the park.
Getting There: By road from Nairobi (4 hours) or a daily scheduled flight from Nairobi's Wilson Airport.

6. Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana, Jade Sea, northern KenyaCC/Adam PG
The lunar landscape around Lake Turkana, a northern Rift Valley lake in Kenya, is a true spectacle. Lake Turkana is the largest permanent desert lake in the world and it is jam packed with large Nile crocodiles. The desert landscape is a paleontologists dream come true, as early hominid remains continue to be unearthed by the Leakey family around Koobi Fora. The Lake itself is a shimmering entity that changes color with the wind. The area is home to various unique tribes and one of the main attractions for visitors. Turkana is off the beaten track.
Best Time To Go: June/July
Where to Stay: Lake Turkana Lodge; Desert Rose; and Oasis Lodge
Getting There: Charter flights, check with the lodges in the area.

7. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Conservancy, Kenya© Getty Images/Joseph Sohm
Lewa is a private reserve set up primarily to protect black rhino, sitatunga, and the endangered Grevy's zebra. The park is excellently maintained, there are over 60 species of mammals and over 200 species of bird. You can even enjoy your game viewing on foot, on the back of a camel, or in a traditional safari vehicle. Best Time To Go: January - April and June - October
Where to Stay: There are several lodges in the park and on community land outside the park.
Getting There: By air from Nairobi on Safari Link.

8. Tsavo National Parks

Tsavo National Park, Kenya© Getty Images/John Sohm
Tsavo National Park is split into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. The Tsavo parks are vast and the landscape is wild. Tsavo East is less developed than Tsavo West but more accessible. In Tsavo West you can watch elephants bathe among the hippos and the crocs from a unique vantage point of an under-water glass tank. The "Big Five" do live here, but you have to look carefully to spot them.
Best Time To Go: May to October
Where to Stay: Tsavo East has Voi Wildlife lodge; Tsavo West has several lodges. Both parks have private campsites.
Getting There: By road from Mombasa (3-4 hours) or Nairobi (10 hours); Or charter flight.
Hotels in Phan ThietBook your Hotel in Phan Thiet. No reservation costs. Great
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9. Malindi and Watamu

Watamu, Indian Ocean, KenyaCC
Malindi is a small town, but the beaches that surround it make it one of Kenya's top attractions. Silversands lies just south of town and is lined with villas and small resorts. A Marine Park keeps the area free from fishing and therefore great for snorkeling. Farther south is Watamu, a National Park with two main lagoons, Turtle Bay and Blue Lagoon, with plenty resorts and hotels. Popular activities include sunset sails on a dhow (traditional sailboat), sunbathing, dolphin watching, diving and all kinds of water sports. Air Kenya and 540 airlines both fly to Malindi from Nairobi, or catch a matatu from Mombasa. Check out the Gedi ruins while you're here, a deserted Swahili trading town.
AfricanMecca Safaris has more info about tours.

10. Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Samburu girl (Kenya)Getty Images/ Don Pharell
Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs are 3 Reserves bordering one another in the dry landscape of North Central Kenya. The wildlife congregates around the Ewaso Ngiro River which runs through the Reserves. Besides the wildlife (elephant, giraffe, leopard, zebra, blue-legged ostriches), a highlight of any visit is to meet the Samburu people. Camel safaris are on offer at most of the lodges and if you're in the area, visit the Laikipia Plateau. Best Time to Go: June to October
Where to Stay: There are several lodges in each of the parks.
Getting There: Daily flights from Nairobi or a full day drive.

Forbes unveils Richest Men in Africa (including two kenyans) Who are they?


Aliko Dangote

$10.1B 54

Nicky Oppenheimer & family

$6.5B 66

Nassef Sawiris

$4.75 B 50

Johann Rupert & family

$4.7B 61

Mike Adenuga

$4.3B 58

Miloud Chaabi

$3B 82

Naguib Sawiris

$2.9B 57

Christoffel Wiese

$2,7B 70

Onsi Sawiris

$2.6B 81

Patrice Motsepe

$2.5B 49

Othman Benjelloun

$2.4B 79

Anas Sefrioui

$1.75B 54

Mohamed Mansour

$1.7B 63

Yasseen Mansour

1.55B 50

Youssef Mansour

1.55B 66

Mohamed Al Fayed

1.3B 78

Jim Ovia

$775M 57

Lauritz (Laurie) Dippenaar

$750M 63

Shafik Gabr

$730M 59

Stephen Saad

$640M 47

Theophilus Danjuma

$600M 72

Alami Lazraq

$575M 61

Samih Sawiris

$560M 54

Oba Otudeko

$550M 67

Raymond Ackerman

$545M 80

Uhuru Kenyatta

$500M 50

Gerrit Thomas (GT) Ferreira

$460M 63

Hakeem Belo-Osagie

$450M 56

Abdulsamad Rabiu

$400M NA

Mohammed Indimi

$330M 63

Chris Kirubi

$300M 70

Jannie Mouton

$300M 64

Michiel Le Roux

$290M 62

Adrian Gore

$280M 47

Strive Masiyiwa

$280M 51

Cyril Ramaphosa

$275M 59

Giovanni Ravazzotti

$275M 68

Mohamed Bensalah

$270M 41

Markus Jooste

$260M 50

Paul Harris

$250M 61
Courtesy of

10 richest people in Kenya


Moi & family ($1.2 billion)

Kenyatta's ($400 million)

Biwott ($700 million)

Saitoti ($100 million)

Kibaki ($ 100 million)

Michuki ($100 million)

*Awori ($5 million)


Chris Kirubi ($10 million)

Manu Chandaria ($10 million)

Naushad Merali ($10 million)

Kuguru Foods ($2 million)


Jimnah Mbaru ($5 million)

James Mwangi ($2 million)